Are you a Steadfast Trump Activist and Resister? Then you are a STAR and we need you now. Please join our growing L.A. coalition made up of members from MoveOn, Indivisible, Swing Left, and Democratic and local community groups. We need you and your talents, energies, passions, and skills. We will not take this democracy block lying down. Join the Los Angeles Resistance and STAND up with us today. 
We are Los Angeles. We are the World. We are Resist in L.A.

We hear that you want to get involved, and we need lots of help. What are your skills and passions? Are you interested in research, web designer social media? Are you bilingual? Are you a photographer or a songwriter? Are you politically minded and working with a group like Indivisible, SwingLeft, or Courage Campaign? Please write to us and let us know what you'd like to do to resist the Trump agenda and reclaim democracy in America, starting in Los Angeles!​​

We are a coalition of people and communities across Los Angeles who are intent on resisting the Donald Trump administration's  agenda, through peaceful, non-violent protest, advocacy, action and changing the narrative on what being an American really means.

We believe the Trump administration is deeply corrupt, and we are agitating for fair, incisive investigations that will reveal what really happened during the elections and to what extent Russia was involved in helping elect Trump. We are resisting this corruption to protect the people and organizations that support the environment, civil rights, women's rights, and LGBTQ rights, among other important issues like fair access to education, the arts, and healthcare.

We look to protect progressive political changes that have already been made and build on them, in our city and our state. We work to turn the conservative tide in Congress and elect majorities of progressive politicians to Congress in 2018 and to support truly progressive candidates for state and local office.

We are working in conjunction with other groups, such as Swing Left, MoveOn, the Sierra Club, the Women's March and Indivisible  amoung  others to amplify our efforts.

Want to know how to make the change? Join us! Sign up on the form here. We will be conducting protests, small-group visits, trainings and discussions on how to move a progressive agenda forward. Also, check our calendar for events and protests where you can participate. Thank you!