What is Resist In LA? 
We are Resist in Los Angeles, a grassroots coalition sprouting from local groups and organizations  (Including MoveOn, Indivisible and more). Our mission? To Resist the Trump Agenda.

What, or who, are STARS?
STARS is an acronym standing for Steadfast Trump Activists and Resisters. We are the STARS, joined together in coalition to form a Resistance constellation called RILA.

What is The Resistance?
The Resistance is an explosion of passionate activism,  an opportunity to positively take part in humanistic solutions to these troubling political times. Resisting, en masse, the Trump Agenda.

What groups are you affiliated with?
We work with MoveOn, Indivisible,The Women's March, SwingLeft, The Sierra Club and other local democratic and mom groups.

Can I get support for my local group in Los Angeles from Resist in LA?
Yes. We are putting together a vast Angelino network where we work TOGETHER to create social change. Please register your group by signing up and sending us an email with the name of your group, your zip code and how you are focusing your Resistance efforts. We want to support you.

I'm already a member of a group. Why is Resist In LA important?

There are 9 million people living in Los Angeles. We have the opportunity to create the largest coalition of STARS the country has ever seen. We can mobilize, join forces and be on the same page, at the same rally at the same time. We can gather so much momentum as to draw attention from media, support residents that might need help (at airports, detainment centers), save oceans and nature preserves by showing up at the right time. We have the unique ability to connect millions of people as in a prayer circle, a phone tree or a spider web. We are stronger together. We need to prepare today to be ready for the unexpected and UNPRECEDENTED tomorrow.

Why should I join Resist In LA?
  • Join us if you want to ACT and you are overwhelmed with the opportunities to do so, or if want to get involved but do not know where to start.
  • Join us if you feel your individual action wont make a difference in the grand scheme of things.
  • Join us if you love in Los Angeles and you want to keep the air breathable, the water drinkable, the girls and women empowered and free, the immigrants safe and secure.
  • Join us if you believe the LGBTQ community deserves the equal treatment and rights that are given to the average white man.
  • Join if you have children that may not yet know their sexual preference, so that they can follow their hearts and minds without fear of persecution and bullying. 
  • Join if you like giraffes, whales, bees and polar bears and you do not want to see them on the endangered/extinct list.
  • Join if  you think Trump should reveal his tax returns, if you believe that Russia may have meddled in or controlled our election, and if you are not happy with Trump's cabinet picks. Stand with RILA if you'd like to see a more democratic representation in our government in 2018 and in 2020.
  • Join if you have even ten minutes a day to slow down the toxic and nationalistic agenda of Donald J. Trump.
  • Join if you think it would make your life more meaningful.